Why do people commute to London rather than live in London?

    With a job in London and a home 70 miles away, more and more people living outside the capital are squaring the circle of career satisfaction and quality of living.

After a long day working in London, many of my friends and family go back and at times work from the study of their stone-built farmhouses in small villages in the countryside; many others regularly commute to London.

The attraction is the contrast. It’s the enjoyment they get from the job and from going back to a warm and welcoming community.

 British countryside
British countryside

 In regions like northeast England, complaints can be heard about the extent of public money allocated in areas such as transport infrastructure and the arts in London.

Many high-level professional jobs in sectors like finance and the media are based in the capital, making career progress difficult for people not living in the southeast.

The higher the jobs hierarchy you go, and the distribution of jobs tend to be more and more centred in London. He is an example of how taking a job in London need not mean uprooting a working spouse and children to move to the crowded and expensive southeast.

Recruitment specialists and long-distance commuters confirm it has become more commonplace. “It’s a growing trend in the marketplace. This reflects risk aversion partially, with recruits worried about relocating in economic uncertainty, and the fact that employers, seeking workers who match specific criteria, are extending their geographical net wider.

Also as others say “Children and houses are less portable than careers.”

Given the numerous HQs in the capital, there is “a lot of influence” in London. But where the job is physically located is an outdated idea. Lots of people’s jobs are in the cloud nowadays.

Weekday stays in London inevitably involve overnight accommodation costs. Popular options include friends’ spare rooms, weekday lodgings sourced via internet websites, London clubs or even small flats, which can be seen as a good investment, given property price rises in the capital.

But the London effect has long ripples. Properties around Alnmouth, on the Northumberland coast, set a price premium of more than 10 percent because of the local fast East Coast main rail line link to London.