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Things you should never do in London.

Londoners and the tube is a love-hate relationship. While it’s one of the most extensive and efficient underground systems in the world, it can be hot, sticky, overcrowded and sometimes it’s just quicker to walk above ground rather than walking through the connecting tunnels.

Therefore fellow passengers should do anything possible to make that dreaded early morning/early evening commute slightly more bearable for everyone.

Like spreading out along the whole platform, rather than to stop right in front of the entrance. This makes it easier to board trains, and prevents overcrowding in one carriage while another one further down remains virtually empty. It may sound obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people forget it when they hit the platform with six friends and even more suitcases.

 London underground
London underground

Stand on the side of carriages doors and LET PEOPLE OFF THE TRAIN FIRST! You risk a stampede!


Never stand left side on an escalator.

Keep left when walking or driving.

Keep left when walking up or downstairs.

Our favourite signs are ‘Keep left’ and ‘Mind the Gap’.

 Keep Left sign
Keep Left sign

Something I would like to avoid when in a foreign country is making a fool of myself with what might seem like a harmless gesture with our hands or fingers.

 Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill

What you might see as an innocent victory sign, the wrong way around, and you have just told everyone around to F*ck OFf.

Better safe than sorry, … no?


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