A Londoner wants to get city talking on public transport. #happytotalk badge

The commute is a time for putting our heads down, our headphones on and focusing on not making eye contact. Would you like it not to be?

It’s a nice thought – that a little badge will change our natural ways and get us all chatting. But we’re not convinced how realistic it is. Yet, Londoner Chris Zair wants to give it a go.

In an attempt to end the silence, Zair has designed the #HappyToTalk badge. If you don’t mind a chat, you can pin one close to your heart, and it might spark some spritely conversation.

Chris got the idea after a chat with a stranger on the Victoria Line earlier this year. While he was initially entirely against tube chat, he felt so much joy after this 20-minute chat that he decided to spread it.

Okay yes, you might recollect that a similar scheme appeared a few years back and, yes, it did fail spectacularly. But that’s not stopping Chris Zair — and he’s got great optimism for his campaign.

The badges cost £5: with 40% of sales going to Run Talk Run, a mental health support group that organises friendly runs; and the rest of the profit will go to another charity at the end of each tax year.

Get your badge here.