Londoners best efforts to protect themselves against Coronavirus

Some Londoners have been wearing creative headgear on public transport to defend themselves against the new coronavirus as the number of infected people jumps across the country.

On the London Underground and buses, people have been photographed donning things like plastic boxes, bags, tea towels and goggles.

Officials have predicted that a UK epidemic looks “likely,” with a total of 116 confirmed cases across the UK.

In response to this, Londoners have recently been going out in face masks to avoid catching the virus.

But following reports of a global shortage of face masks, many Brits have still been spotted taking extreme and bizarre measures to avoid catching the infection in public. 

Plastic containers, goggles and Tesco bags are just some of the ways Londoners are attempting to defend themselves.

However, such actions are unlikely to give any extra protection from the coronavirus.

The virus is spread through respiratory droplets from sneezing and coughing, health experts have said.

Face masks are only needed for those caring for people with Covid-19, as well as those now diagnosed with the infection, according to the World Health Organisation.

A rise in demand for masks as well as the production being hit by the shutdown of chinese companies has lead to supply shortages. 

In London on Wednesday, two new patients of King’s College Hospital were among the 36 new cases confirmed in the UK.

Elsewhere, Italy closed all schools and universities as it continues its struggle against the most severe coronavirus outbreak in Europe.

Globally, there are now more than 97,879 cases, with more than 3,353 deaths as on Thursday at 7pm.