London is Now Coming Together to Fight Covid-19

All around the world, people are taking critical steps to protect themselves and their loved one from the new coronavirus virus (COVID-19), to help their communities and stop the spread of the outbreak. And your cooperation matters.

As a volunteer, club member, advocate, reporter or worried citizen, we know that you are keen about making the world a better place for everyone. Many of you are already taking action to limit the spread of COVID-19! 

Inspired by the actions of people across the city of London, here are some ideas and contacts to join the fight against Covid-19.  

These are the general communal aims:

  • TALK TO YOUR FAMILY: Make sure that everyone in your family knows the importance of handwashing and hygiene, physical distancing, and where to find reliable information. If you have family who doesn’t live with you or don’t have regular access to reliable news sources, pick up the phone and give them a call. This is mainly true of grandparents (people over 70) and the more vulnerable.
  • HELP WITH LEARNING & PLAY: Find out if you can help younger siblings or family members with learning and play activities now their schools have closed.
  • STUDY BUDDIES: If your school or university has closed, team up (virtually) with a mate or group of friends to study together or help each other with course work. 
  • COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Organize a remote or virtual activity with your mates, family or neighbours to show solidarity and support in this challenging time.
  • COMMUNITY NEEDS: If you are already part of a community group, you can work together to understand how people feel at this time, what their needs worries are. If you are not part of an existing community group, find out who is already doing something. And remember to stay safe and social distancing.

London is now coming together with many local charities and organisations mobilised by solidarity and community spirit into action.

Here are other ways to support your own community and volunteering opportunities to help those struggling all across London: