Electric scooter rentals on the UK’s public roads

Have you ever walked down a street in London, and found yourself quickly overtaken by someone on an electric scooter speeding along the pavement? I know I have. 

So you might be surprised to hear that it is illegal to ride them on roads or pavements under current UK law, even though they are widely available to buy in stores and online.

Back in February, it was reported the loose possibility to come under review in 2020. The Times talked about the government’s interest to trial e-scooters on roads and in bike lanes (not pavements, FYI), to encourage greener transport systems.

Now, it looks like this could even earlier become a reality. The government recently announced that it would be possible to legalise electric scooters on UK roads in June to encourage socially distant travel alternatives to buses and tubes. Initially a trial, it will probably be limited to rental scooters to ensure all users are insured. 

European cities such as Munich and Stockholm have already introduced battery-powered scooters with open arms but sadly not without accidents (mostly due to drunken riders heading home from the bar), including several tragic deaths. 

Stay tuned: you could be seeing a lot more commuters on two wheels soon!

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