Three new drive-in movie theatres to open in London

It turns out drive-in cinemas are like buses. You spend ages waiting for the appearance of one, and then three are coming along at once.

First, there was the news that @TheDriveIn would pull for an all-American drive-in movie theatre experience in 12 UK cities this summer, with roller waiters and everything. Then The Luna Cinema announced its plans for an outdoor cinema which you can enjoy from your car’s socially distant confines, complete with a custom-made speaker system, so you don’t have to rely on your car radio.

The latest is The Drive-In, due to be opened at Troubadour Meridian Water in Enfield on July 4. If that doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because the Troubadour is a new site (from the team behind the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre). As with @TheDriveIn and The Luna Cinema, with social-distancing measures in place, the Enfield Theatre intends to open. Cars must be two metres apart, food can be ordered using a mobile app, and the aim is to have no interaction with anyone, which means that tickets are checked through a closed car window.

The films on offer are the usual suspects of outdoor screening events: ‘La Land,’ ‘Bad Boys for Life,’ ‘Dirty Dancing,’ and ‘The Terminator.’ However, plans are also being made to show pre-recorded theatre shows. The price is £ 35 per vehicle, and NHS staff can have free tickets.

It looks like London’s car drivers would spend this summer the same way most of us spent our summers as teenagers: hanging out in parking lots waiting for something exciting to happen.

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