Boris Johnson: “The UK Is Ready To Move Into ‘Stage 2’ Of Lockdown Exit Plan”

Lockdown restrictions set to be lifted soon.

After living under the UK’s recent lockdown restrictions for just two weeks, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that the UK is now ready to move into the government’s lockdown exit strategy, stage 2. 

Unveiling his plans to return to some ‘normal’ life progressively, Boris Johnson outlined a range of steps that the country is expected to take as COVID-19 cases continue to decline, which began with encouraging the public to sunbathe and use the outdoors for their leisure. The new rules also enabled people to meet outdoors with another person, complying to the 2-meter social distance rules.

Speaking today at a media briefing, Boris Johnson announced that on June 1, some school kids would return to school, adding that on June 15, secondary schools would begin making contact with pupils from year ten and year 12. 

In addition to announcing the changes for educational institutions, the Prime Minister also stated that new rules would be released in the coming days, which could allow the reopening of non-essential shops with strict social distancing regulations. Johnson said: “We’ll explain what moving to phase two means in the immediate future for non-essential retail and more social contacts.

“We are making progress, but that progress is conditional, provisional.”, before saying “watch this space” and promising “more about it in the next few days” when questioned about whether non-essential shops would be reopening.