Face Masks on public transport mandatory from 15 June

the next step in fighting coronavirus are FACE MASKS ON London PUBLIC TRANSPORT.

Unless you’re a key worker, or you can’t work from home, you probably haven’t used a lot of public transport recently. If you have, you might have noticed that many people wear masks; however, as of June 15, that will be a necessary condition for everyone using public transport in London, as one minister revealed in the daily briefing today.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps, speaking earlier today, said that when travelling on public transport during a pandemic, “every measure” must be taken, and as such face masks and other facial coverings will become compulsory on June 15. Traveling on trains , buses, aircraft and ferries will all require mask use, as passenger numbers are expected to increase as lockdown measures begin to ease.

There’s plenty of scientific evidence that using face masks can reduce the risk of COVID-19 carriers spreading the disease to others, thus helping to keep the reproduction (or “R”) rate down. The only exemptions from this new rule are very young children, people with disabilities and anyone with breathing difficulties. Fines will be issued to those who fail to abide by the rule, Shapps said.

This is How a Face Mask Protects from Covid-19?

In London, for weeks now, Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged anyone who uses buses and tubes to wear a face mask, but this is the first time that a central government decree has been given to support the guidance. So, don’t leave the mask at home if you’re travelling around the capital on public transport.

As they say: “Better late than never”


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