The Black Lives Matter Protests London in pictures

London has a long and proud tradition of fighting racism, discrimination and inequality, and we’ve been reminded of it again this week when thousands of protesters took to the streets to join the Black Lives Matter movement. During the week, demonstrators gathered across the city to protest against systemic racism in the US, UK, and around the world to stand up and fight for change – and while it will hopefully lead to sustained, meaningful change, and some powerful images too. Check out some of the best pictures from protests in Black Lives Matter here:

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Caught between pandemics. One that brought my paternal family ashore One that could take me where my father lay Caught between cause and cure If I explain it enough, I might convince myself there's an answer in apathy • Didn't Rosa Parks go on a march? And those women with the signs? She says, pointing at the print of suffragettes. When we did voting and you said they marched for that? I've really set myself up here. You told me. You told me it was special. • It was, darling. She's four and she had to remind me. It still is. Let me get my bag. • Watching footage the day before. Will the police be there to keep people… Safe? Keeping you safe is MY job Khalid's dad is a police officer, he's really nice. Not individuals but the system at play There's a few speaking out & breaking away But there's too many that aren't • Maybe their mummies didn't teach them to be kind? Maybe not But someone, somewhere let the ball drop White mum's waiting til their white son's balls drop To tell them, "your great granny had slaves And it's not ok to call your mate, 'Black Dave" • Exercise. It's been a while since my body has moved so much. Snaking through streets paved with the antithesis of everything these footsteps stand for. Exercising their rights. Exorcising civil unrest. • Photo opportunities. They tell her she's beautiful. I remind her this isn't about her. A poster girl for both resistance and refrain. Privilege reframed. And when she tilts her head back & chants, "black lives matter" And when we kneel outside Westminster & her mask muffles a single scream of, "police stop fighting people" I'm reminded it is about her & all I can continue to equip her with. To think I almost didn't allow her this. The daughter, the champion, the friend, the protester, the world citizen, the advocate, the ally, the future. #ldnblm #blacklivesmatter #allyshipaintatrend

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As millions across the globe condemn the senseless killings of Black people at the hands of police, George Floyd amid the most recent, and racial prejudice in our institutions, Only In London stands with the Black communities in unequivocal solidarity. Only in London commits to action to address existing injustices faced by black people and UK BAME key workers.


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