Our favourite virtual music performances the lockdown produced

True to its name, the arts and creative sector has faced the challenge of turning themselves, their productions and sites digitally accessible for people during the lockdown. 

For many of us, living in lockdown makes us feel isolated from the rest of the world; a recent study in The Lancet revealed that quarantined individuals could develop symptoms of emotional stress and depression and damage mental health, with boredom being a significant stressor.

By digitally opening up to the world, cultural organisations allow people to explore new ideas, artworks, performances and more, as well as new-encounter organisation current favourites that provide comfort and reduce stress during this period of significant uncertainty.

So we are accessing places, performances and people, through digital means. This led to the creation of some fantastic performances from around the world. Here I highlight some of our favourite and truly inspiring virtual musical performances. 

When the coronavirus outbreak began in the city of Wuhan, it seemed to be a world away. With almost 9,000 miles separating the UK from its origins, few people predicted quite how serious things would get across the globe.

In 130 days the world has been transformed. .. 

This is London in Lockdown with some powerful shots of a deserted capital. Lockdown has shown us all that we take for granted… 😕


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