Hot days ahead with london hitting 28C

The high temperatures and sunny days aren’t going anywhere just yet. In fact, according to BBC Weather, London next week, will be hotter than Barcelona, with temperatures of 26°C hitting the capital. Time to even out that tan!

Temperatures in London are expected to rise high on Tuesday and Wednesday next week with highs of 28C.

While Barcelona is lumbered with an analogously arctic 25°C during next week, London will see 27°C on Tuesday (June 23), accompanied by a whopping 28°C on Wednesday and Thursday. Skies are predicted to be clear for most of the next week, making it ideal BBQ weather if you’re lucky enough to have a garden. A wander around London’s parks, lakes, and other sexy spots should help if you can’t fire up the grill though.

Although the UK lockdown restrictions state you can travel as far as you’d wish to enjoy the sun and a nice bit of exercise, it is advised to avoid areas that are known to be busy. Especially after the likes of Ruislip Lido and other UK beaches saw such vast numbers of visitors over the last bank holiday weekend. That, of course, makes it very difficult to enforce social distancing, so if you’re making the most of the sunny days, please remember to do it responsibly. Hey, No complaining… It could be worse… 


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