Powerful Black Lives Matter Mural Popped Up in south London

Following New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC streets (where the mural appeared on the road leading to the White House), London now has a street decorated with the obvious yet profound truth: that Black Lives Matter. The message was painted in giant letters by the Royal Borough of Greenwich across the middle of General Gordon Square in Woolwich, where it now sits as a potent reminder of the struggle to end racism and combat injustice.

The letters extend from west to east across the square, along the pathway between Thomas Street and General Gordon Place. While this is a crucial statement for London as a whole, it’s equally vital for Greenwich, a borough where one in five people come from black backgrounds. Having partnered with the Runnymede Trust to recognise and tackle prejudice and discrimination in the city, the borough has been more effective in addressing structural racism and entrenched inequality than others.

Greenwich Council Leader Danny Thorpe, who said “the diversity of our borough is one of our greatest strengths, has unveiled the mural alongside borough faith leaders and cabinet members. But it is clear that the fight for equality is far from being won, and we need to be honest about the inequalities that still exist in our communities. “Promising to” strongly reaffirm our commitment to eradicate racism and discrimination in our society, “Thorpe revealed that the borough would begin a consultation on a new Royal Greenwich Equality and Equity Charter” to create a borough-wide charter.

The mural and the charter are an excellent start on this, and a clear display of support from a borough that hasn’t been afraid to make comments about equity and inclusion in past years.


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