The UK’s Coronavirus Alert Level Has Been Reduced to Level Three

Level three: the “virus is in general circulation”.

What does it mean? In all honesty, we are not sure. 

But, inevitably, it means the UK seems to be making some progress. 

Today the coronavirus alert level of the nation has been formally reduced from level four to level three, as the number of active cases continues to decline in the UK. 

While level four sees “high or exponential transmission” at level three, the alert system tells us that “the virus is circulating in general.” 

In other words, the virus is still here, and people can still get infected, but the numbers are more manageable, thanks to the lockdown.


At this stage, we can see a “gradual relaxation of restrictions.” However, this has already started in recent weeks with the return of non-essential shops, the ability to form ‘support bubbles,’ and guidelines that enable us to gather outdoors in groups of up to six people.

The UK has been preparing to move to Level 3 since May 17, but the change has come only after a recommendation from the nation’s Joint Biosecurity Centre, reports the BBC. A joint statement by England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland’s chief medical officers states that this “does not mean the pandemic is over” and warned that localised outbreaks could occur in the months ahead.

While this could lead to further lockdown restrictions being relaxed – July 4 is widely presumed to be the next date for easing measures to occur, with outdoor pubs and restaurants and hair salons possibly While this could lead to further lockdown restrictions being relaxed – 

In England, it is now compulsory to wear masks on public transport, and care should be exercised while the virus remains in circulation.


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