Here are The latest news on when British Airways, Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2 and TUI are resuming flights.

There’s been some surprises-both good and bad-in airline news over the last couple of weeks. 

While Jet2 moved back the date it was due to restore flights from June 17 to July 1, Ryanair has now said that flights will begin earlier than originally planned-the first take-off on June 21 instead of July 1-and EasyJet has already resumed flights.

Another surprise came when TUI emailed customers to say they would only fly to places where there is no quarantine in place – which would mean waiting for the government’s announcement of ‘air bridges.’ 

It can be hard to keep up with all of this changing information and know exactly what’s going on with your holiday.

To make life easier, here are all the newest updates on when the leading airlines will be flying again – correct as of Sunday, June 21.

British Airways

If you are planning to fly between now and August 31 you can demand a voucher to the amount of your booking, valid for fly until April 30 2022. 

But while British Airways hasn’t officially said when flights can resume, it’s thought that July is their destination as there are 29 long-haul routes on its radar-and if you ‘re looking for a July 1 flight you can buy one.


The budget airline announced in some great news for holidaymakers that it plans to restart flights today (Sunday, June 21) rather than the originally scheduled July 1. 

A spokesperson for Ryanair said: “Although we are officially back with 1,000 daily flights from July 1 (through the network), some routes start from June 21.” 

As they “officially” restart on July 1 the Irish carrier said that it will operate flights to “main holiday airports” in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Cyprus-but flights from East Midlands Airport to Alicante and Manchester Airport to Tenerife are scheduled today.


The airline made headlines when flights resumed on June 15. 

These are mainly domestic flights though-the only international route in France is between London Gatwick and Nice. 

By the end of July, nearly half of its 1,022 routes will be reopened, rising to 75 per cent during August. 

The frequency of flights will be lower than usual, meaning that between July and September the airline will operate at about 30 per cent of its regular size.


Jet2 changed the date set for flights to resume several times during the pandemic-first announcing that it would return on June 17, then pushing it back to July 1, then announcing that it would be pushed back to July 15. 

The company said in a statement: “Due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we decided to restart our flight schedule on July 15, 2020. Unfortunately, if you are travelling before this date, your booking will be affected as our flights will not operate.

“We know how much you were looking forward to a well-deserved break. So if you were due to travel before July 15, 2020, and have been affected by cancellations, you don’t have to miss out. You can now change your booking to a later departure date, and you won’t have to pay an admin fee.”


TUI has announced that it will only fly people to countries that do not quarantine passengers, which means that the airline will only fly passengers to countries that have an “air bridge” with the UK agreed. 

Nonetheless, due to continuing coronavirus restrictions, it had previously declared that it would resume travel by July 1 and decided to push back the date by nine days. 

The airline updated its list of cancelled holidays last Thursday, confirming that journeys on or before July 10 have now been cancelled too. 

Currently, you can change your holiday for free if you are a traveller on or before August 31.


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