#Plasticfreepints urges Londoners to bring their glasses for takeaway pints

Takeaway pint, anyone?

There’s no better time to hunt down your first takeaway pint as the UK heads towards another heatwave. It’s the new trend, after all, because pubs aren’t open properly. If you haven’t already grabbed one, chances are someone you know has been indulging in the occasional after-work beer. After all, we’ve been denied a few months of this pure pleasure.

But with this new craze, there comes the waste problem. Many plastic single-use cups are used to serve the pints. One campaign is asking us to change that completely. 

After the lockout, London saw the lowest air pollution rates since the 1950s, but after this month, rates have fallen back to 80% of what they were pre-lockdown. This initiative, # PlasticFreePints, is appealing on Londoners to think about the planet as they return to a kind of normality, beginning by using their own reusable cups for takeaway pints.

Ours To Save, a climate news organisation, and Eco Disco, a sustainable nightlife initiative, are behind # PlasticFreePints. All align the campaign with the popular reusable coffee cup campaign, which has cut sales of wasteful materials used to serve hot drinks. Instead of using a throwaway plastic cup, they suggest customers bring their own “pint glass, milk bottle, pickle jar”

Are you ready? You’ll see us with our refillable milk bottles waiting for our pints at the front of the socially-distance queue.


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