When will gyms reopen in London?


When will gyms reopen?

It’s a question on everyone’s lips that, despite recent government advice, remains to be answered in full. On May 10th, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation on coronavirus, with a mixed reaction from the public.

Mr Johnson’s address suggested a change in the UK’s approach to ‘lockdown’ as the country transitions into a new containment process, enabling the opening of non-essential shops and retail areas from June 15th. Many subjects were explored — from returning to work to schools and colleges returning to education — but one of the issues most discussed was fitness and reopening of gyms and health centres.

On June 17th, culture secretary Oliver Dowden announced the return of the Premier League, and that gyms, leisure centres and health clubs could reopen at “start of July at the very earliest”. However, following the announcement that revealed barbers, pubs and other UK attractions will be open from July 4th, gyms will remain closed.

Johnson’s address in May did not include a vital aspect of the UK economy: the gyms. Perhaps, gyms, leisure centres and health clubs fall under the ‘hospitality’ umbrella.

In which case, as Mr Johnson explained, the UK government could reopen “at least some of the hospitality industry and other public places” in England, but this is likely to be after the reopening of shops and schools.

What will gyms look like when they reopen?

In other places, such as Hong Kong, gyms and leisure centres have started to re-open. A Bloomberg journalist recently shared the new social distancing and public safety measures that one gym was using to keep people safe:

I am not sure it will be like that, but things will be quite different. We just have to wait and see.