3,000 people without face masks stopped getting on buses


Thousands of commuters were prevented from boarding London buses over the weekend, due to not wearing face coverings.

Since June 15, it is required for anyone using public transport in the UK to wear face masks, except, of course, very young children, disabled people, and anyone with breathing difficulties. But not everyone has adhered to the rules, indicating they have been prevented from travelling. As matters stand, they also risk getting fined £100 for not using a face covering.

Transport for London released a new statement on Facebook earlier this week, reminding people of the rules for moving on all TfL services.

Over the weekend (July 4-5), TfL had over 200 operational officers and police placed at bus stops around the city to ensure passengers were using face masks. However, according to My London, of the estimated 3,000 people that were stopped, none of them received a fine, despite officials having the authority to hand them out. The focus, instead, was on turning people away, issuing new masks, or correcting the public on how to wear theirs before boarding.