You might be able to commute on an open-top bus


Are you feeling anxious about going back to work on the tube or bus? Not suitable or traffic-aware enough top cycle? There might be some other way.

While London is empty of tourists, those open-top buses which usually 

ferry them around the sightseeing hotspots of the capital are sitting empty. 

But now The Original Tour wants to take you 

and your neighbours to work using its 200-strong fleet. Travel crowdsourcing platform Snap will employ the buses to provide commuter routes between popular transport hubs. It has trialled a journey from Walthamstow that shadows the Victoria line, with forthcoming routes dependent on demand.

Prospective riders can register their home and work addresses on the Snap website, and as soon as there are about 20 people interested in making the same route, a bus will be put into operation. There’s an app that passengers can use to track the arrival time of their ride, which will also enable contact tracing, and fares for each trip will depend on how many seats are occupied.

The buses will be providing a socially distant, contact-free fresh air experience. Thomas Ableman, Snap’s founder, said: ‘This crisis demands fresh thinking, and open-top buses are the ideal way to get people safe and secure into the office.’

Darren Neylon, managing director of The Original Tour, said: ‘We see this as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our open-top buses and our friendly driver team to assist Londoners to get to work in a very safe way and help businesses get back to work. We’re excited to be part of this creative project.’