Airbus’s new CityAirbus aims to whizz passengers across town at 75 miles per hour

Have you ever heard of an eVTOL? Honestly, it’s only a matter of time. Aircraft manufacturers around the world are currently competing to launch ‘electric vertical take-off and landing’ carriers, and this model from Airbus may well become a common sight in our skies.

Just last week, the European firm flew its new ‘CityAirbus’ in front of government officials and media for the first time. Its designers claim it could pave the way for a future where such aircraft act as flying taxis whizzing customers back and forth above major cities.

Airbus showed the new eVTOL in public last Monday during a visit by a German politician to its facility in Bavaria. The carrier can transport four passengers with a range of 60 miles and can travel at 75 miles per hour. That makes it slightly faster than a car moving at most top legal motorway speeds.

The goal is for it to act as a short-hop method of transport within cities, bypassing congestion and allowing more direct routes than traditional taxis. Eventually, eVTOLS like the CityAirbus may be able to fly completely autonomously, but the initial plans for this model are for it to be remotely piloted. It’s unclear when exactly they will be used for commercial trips.

The futuristic design features four ‘propulsion units’, with two motors and two propellers each, and the main body can house four passengers. That makes it the perfect size for an extravagant hop across town with a group of mates on a big night out. Bagsy one of the front seats!