Londoners Drank More Than The Rest Of The UK During Lockdown

London came just above Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester in the booze race.

Lockdown has been an exceptionally stressful time for the nation. So, it’s no surprise that during this period the UK drank more than usual.

Non-alcoholic beer brand Freestar’s did some investigation and unveiled that almost a third of Brits were drinking between four and seven days a week throughout the lockdown. And, as always, London just had to come out on top—kicking all other UK cities off the podium. Lockdown saw Londoners drinking, on average, 2.54 days per week. That was followed by Belfast, at 2.48 days per week.

Let’s take a look at the top 10…

1. London (2.54 days per week on average)

2. Belfast (2.48)

3. Birmingham (2.43)

4. Manchester (2.37)

5. Cardiff (2.36)

6. Plymouth (2.26)

=6. Bristol (2.26)

8. Sheffield (2.23)

9. Leeds (2.17)

=9. Norwich (2.17)

However, the study also found that 50 per cent of the nation now felt less pressure to drink. 

Also, 40 per cent said they would consider trying alcohol-free alternatives when heading back to the reopened pubs. Around 50% even claimed they would think more about the environment when selecting their booze of choice.

So there you have it. Let’s see how these trends develop post-lockdown…