The Royal Ballet is Putting On Free Shows Alongside Regent’s Canal

DistDancing brings the Royal Ballet to Hoxton Docks.

Nothing about the last few months has made anyone feel like dancing, but then again that’s perhaps a good thing. Handily, a group of unbelievably more talented dancers have been performing to the enjoyment of passersby during the lockdown, as furloughed performers from the Royal Ballet have taken to a temporary stage alongside Regent’s Canal for a series of live shows. It’s called DistDancing, and not only is it one of the rare chances to see live dance right now, it’s also free to enjoy! 

DistDancing is the brainchild of Royal Ballet dancer Chisato Katsura, with a little help from her landlord, who owns the Hoxton Docks space DistDancing has been using for their performances. Permitting furloughed dancers to keep their moves fresh whilst also entertaining the public, DistDancing features a mix of classical ballet, modern dance, and even circus performances – all from a stage bobbing on the canal. Even the rain doesn’t stop them!

One can only assume it’s a joyful thing to happen across whilst out for a walk, especially since even the wildlife are equally keen to spectate…

Performances appear on a slight ad hoc basis; you’ll find a performance at 3, 5, or 7 pm on Saturdays or Sundays, so you may need a little trial and error to catch one. DistDancing plans to continue through to October, so there’s still plenty of time to find these incredible shows.

Are you stumbling across a world-class ballet performance whilst out for your afternoon stroll? It’s the kind of magical experience that London is chock full of – and for that, we’re forever grateful.