London’s most colourful coffees

Calling all coffee lovers: Coffee Addict is answering all of our caffeine-related prayers!

This coffee shop is looking out for anyone who requires a little pick me up from our friend caffeine, and they have given us plenty of options! People travel far and wide to visit Coffee Addict and check out their intricate latte art, colourful coffees and creative garnishes. Plus, throughout August, these coffee connoisseurs are taking part in the Eat Out To Help Out scheme, so you can treat yourself without breaking the bank. 

Inside this exceptionally aesthetically delightful venue, you will find various flower walls, neon furniture and a colour scheme that is more coordinated than my life. You may also spot the inspirational sign that reads: ‘Coffee isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin’. And to be honest, I think that’s the kind of positivity we all need.

Coffee Addict serves its Aussie speciality coffee in every single cup, which is a favourite among coffee lovers around the world. Oh, and if you’re looking to spice up your life with some colour, the Butterfly Matcha Latte is blue and comes topped with dried lavender! Meanwhile, the Ruby Rose Latte is also a great choice – it’s beautiful in pink and rose petals on top.

To make a usual coffee order more exciting, you can have your name on top of your drink. Gone are the days when Starbucks would spell your name wrong; they always get it right here! Plus, if coffee isn’t for you, they have a vast range of other hot drinks to please your fancy, including white hot chocolate and spicy chai tea. 

Along with the unique coffees, Coffee Addict also serves all-day breakfast, pastries, ice cream and cakes, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options available. From avocado toast to fluffy Japanese pancakes, there is truly something for everyone!