Tower Bridge reopened after being closed to traffic for one day


Tower Bridge has reopened after being off-limits to vehicles for more than a day due to ‘a mechanical fault’.

On Saturday afternoon (August 22), the iconic Tower Bridge failed to close after opening to allow a ship to pass along the Thames. The bridge’s two arms were stuck at different angles as a result of a ‘mechanical fault’, according to the police.

Whilst the lack of movement across the bridge created chaos, with many people inconvenienced and both pedestrians and motorists prevented from using the landmark, others deemed it the perfect photo opportunity. After all, when life hands you lemons, have a photoshoot! 

The iconic drawstring bridge opens and closes seamlessly over 800 times a year to let ships pass by, however on this occasion, the bridge malfunctioned and remained persistently open. Consequently, traffic in central London was completely gridlocked for several hours, and drivers were encouraged to use alternative routes while engineers attempted to resolve the issue.

Fortunately, by the evening pedestrians and cyclists were able to use the bridge again. However, it wasn’t until the following day that motorists were able to drive over the bridge, as announced in a tweet from the Tower Bridge twitter account which stated that the mechanical fault was completely taken care of and that vehicles could start using the bridge again on Sunday evening. We all have bad days…